The passive
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The Thames Barrier

Fill in the right passive forms in the past tense.

1. In 1953 lots of people (to kill) in London because of high water.
2. So it (to decide) to build a flood barrier.
3. Plans (to make).
4. The work (to begin) in 1974 and finished (to finish) in 1982.
5. So it (to build) in eight years.
6. It (to use) in a storm for the first time in 1983.

Fill in the right passive forms in the present tense.

9. Tourists (to show) around the barrier every day.
10. Lots of photos (to take) there.
11. And lots of souvenirs (to buy), too.
12. Unfortunately, London is sinking and the sea is rising, so new barriers (must+to construct).
13. You easily (can+to inform) about London on the web.
14. I often (to give) brochures about London.