The passive

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a
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1. Write the past particples of the following infinitives

1.1 to give => g
1.2 to throw => th
1.3 to keep => k
1.4 to catch => c
1.5 to choose => ch

2. Form complete sentences and use the passive in the present tense.
2.1 to show around the tourists => The tourists sh around.
2.2 to build the theatre => The theatre b.
2.3 to clean the seats => The seats c.
2.4 to pay a lot of money => A lot of money p.
2.5 to write a lot about Shakespeare => A lot w about Shakespeare.

3. Form complete sentences and use the passive in the past tense.
3.1 to tell funny stories => Funny stories t.
3.2 to hide the books => The books h.
3.3 to plan a journey to London => A journey to London p.
3.4 A catholic priest + to marry my sister => My sister m a catholic priest.
3.5 Picasso + to paint wonderful pictures => Wonderful pictures p Picasso.